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High Heel Footwear Tag High Heel Footwear Tag

 Indian Barcode Corporation is one of the best manufacturers of..
Bottle Cap Tag Bottle Cap Tag

The Bottle Cap Tag provides maximum anti-theft protection for wine..
Alarming Tags Alarming Tags

Indian Barcode Corporation's range of 2 and 3 alarming solutions..
Opticle Tags Opticle Tags

Protect this year’s hottest sunglasses and prescription eyewear..
Accessory Tag Accessory Tag

This hard tag provides versatile protection for jewelry, optical..
Apparel Tags Apparel Tags

Indian Barcode Corporation is one of the best manufacturers of a..
UHF Pallet Tag UHF Pallet Tag

We are leading provider of UHF Pallet Tag. These tags are..
Barcode Tags Barcode Tags

From variable imaging barcode tags to sequentially numbered barcode..
Adhesive Tags Adhesive Tags

Fully customizable with a wide variety of uses, our custom adhesive..
Assets Tags Assets Tags

An effective property-management strategy relies on durable asset..
Clothing Tags Clothing Tags

Our custom retail clothing tags fulfill the needs of retailers by..
Danger Tags Danger Tags

Hazardous materials, falling objects, out-of-service equipment, or a..
Dry Cleaning Tags Dry Cleaning Tags

Degradation of your dry cleaning tags can be a major issue when..
Inventory Tags Inventory Tags

Our custom inventory tags integrate into and enhance any inventory..
Law Tags Law Tags

Law tags are used in the furniture and bedding industries, required..
Logo Tags Logo Tags

We are engaged in offering wide range of Logos Label and tags that..
Manufacturing Tags Manufacturing Tags

Our custom manufacturing tags are made from a variety of materials..
Material Tags Material Tags

For your needs in tagging and shipping materials, including Tyvek,..
Outdoor Tags Outdoor Tags

Having the right labels that can withstand the outdoor elements is..
Price Tags Price Tags

Price tags are utilized to streamline the shopping and checkout..
Product Tags Product Tags

Product tags serve a variety of purposes and are pivotal to your..
Rebar Tags Rebar Tags

As a direct manufacturer of custom rebar tags, Indian Barcode Tags..
Retail Tags Retail Tags

Custom retail tags are just one more way Indian Barcode provides..
Seed-Tags Seed-Tags

Three basic types of tags can be found on Indian Barcode..
Shelf-Tags Shelf-Tags

Retail shelf tags require specific sizes, materials and adhesives..
Shipping-Tags Shipping-Tags

Our custom shipping tags can be manufactured from a variety of..
Specialty-Tags Specialty-Tags

Does your business have unique tagging and labeling needs? We..
Steel-Tags Steel-Tags

IBC is a custom manufacturer of steel tags.steel tags provide..
Warehouse-Tags Warehouse-Tags

Our custom warehouse tags are useful in a variety of applications..
Warning-Tags Warning-Tags

Hazardous conditions can arise in nearly any workplace, and proper..
Color-Coded-Alert-Medical-Bands Color-Coded-Alert-Medical-Bands

Color-coded medical alert bands are meant to be noticed, and our..
UHF-Bend-it-Tag UHF-Bend-it-Tag

Due to global frequency tuning and high read range, it can be used..
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