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Barcode Labels

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Paper Labels

Paper labels can be ordered in a variety of formats, from roll to..
Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal labels are primarily used for short duration applications,..
Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal Labels  are used mainly in case of short term..
Blank Stickers

Blank Stickers on a roll. Available in many colors, sizes &..
Fanfold Labels

Our standard Fanfold Labels will work well for many applications...
Barcode Labels

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the largest..
Food & Beverages Labels

At IBC Labels there is an exclusively designed range of Food Label..
Logistics Labels

Worldwide, thousands of warehousing and transport operations use..

Indianbarcode offers excellent abrasion and chemical resistance...

Gloss topcoat offers excellent abrasion and chemical resistance...

3M Performance Label offers wide range of products for long term..

Destructible tamper evident labels are impossible to remove in one..
Colored Thermal Labels

Our Direct Thermal Floodcoated Labels are a vibrant color tinted..
Adhesive Labels

No matter what you need to stick your label to, we can customize your..
Appliance Labels

Custom appliance labels are used by appliance manufacturers and..
Industrial Labels

Indian Barcode Corporation manufactures standard or custom industrial..
Pressure Sensitive Labels

We provide custom applications for pressure sensitive labels that..
Return Labels

Our custom return labels will improve your customer service..
Continuous Labels

No matter what industry you operate in, your continuous forms will be..
Postal Labels

Custom pre-printed postal labels can make shipping or return labels..
Blank Labels

Blank labels have countless applications and we serve companies in..
Integrated Labels

Integrated labels are a staple for most catalog, e-commerce,..
Product Labels

Product labels represent a broad category of labeling that includes..
Carton Labels

Carton labels are used for conveying the product information and/or..
Inventory Labels

PM Label can produce custom inventory labels to your exact..
Quality Control Labels

Quality control labels are key identifiers in the production process...
Caution Labels

Caution labels are meant to be noticed, and our line of products will..
Safety Labels

Safety labels may be some of the most important labels you ever..
Container Labels

The safety of your workplace is always a top priority and having the..
Mailing Labels

Commercial mailing labels perform the basic function of preparing..
Shelf Labels

Retail shelf labels require specific sizes, materials and adhesives..
Numbered Labels

Numbered labels can be used for a wide variety of applications,..
Specialty Labels

Custom or specialty labels from Indian Barcode Corporation can be..
Cover Up Labels

Mistakes do happen and our cover-up labels are the perfect way to..
Nursery Labels

Nursery labels are manufactured for direct thermal, thermal transfer,..
Tamper Evident Labels

Properly labeling with a custom tamper evident labels is a..
Online Labels

Our custom printed labels are produced on top-of-the-line printing..
Tree Labels

labels or markers that come in various sizes,styles and..
Die Cut Labels

We manufacture die cut labels in many standard size on 13 different..
Outdoor Labels

Let’s face it, not all labels are used in well-controlled..
UL Approved Labels

Providing UL approved labels verifies the important status with your..
Packaging Labels

Packaging labels are used for conveying the product information..
Warehouse Labels

Warehouse labels play an important role in an organization, tracking..
Equipment Labels

From handheld tools to heavy machinery, customers in the market for..
Packing Labels

Packing labels are a staple for most catalog, e-commerce, e-retailers..
Warning Labels

Indian Barcode Corporation warning labels are designed in bold..
Harsh Environment Labels

Choosing the right harsh environment labels for the right application..
Pallet Labels

In the rough and tumble world of production and shipping pallets, you..
Warranty Labels

If your company offers a warranty on its products it is imperative..
Waste Labels

Waste labels are a critical step in the safe handling of waste and..
Heavy Duty Labels

Indian Barcode Corporation heavy duty labels are manufactured to..
Weatherproof Labels

Our custom weatherproof labels are ideal for harsh outdoor weather..
ID Labels

Whether you need them for inventory control, security measures,..
Piggyback Labels

Piggyback labels are labels that sit one on top of the other, with..

Indian Barcode Corporation has the ability to manufacture custom..
Innovative Labels

If you are looking for a leading 21st century label manufacturer who..
Avery Labels

Experience Avery Dennison’s pressure-sensitive label..
AD Labels

AD-Labels: Brand owners recognize packaging design is a key..
Zebra Labels

Zebra-Labels: Zebra's selection of label and tag materials..
Brother Labels

Brother-Labels: Indian Barcode Corporation offers all type of..
Citizen Labels

Citizen-Labels: Indian Barcode Corporation offers all type of..
Datamax Labels

Datamax-Labels: Indian Barcode Corporation offers all type of..
Dymo Labels

Dymo-Labels: Indian Barcode Corporation offers all type of Dymo..
Godex Labels

Godex-Labels: Indian Barcode Corporation offers all type of Godex..
Sato Labels

Sato-Labels: Indian Barcode Corporation offers all type of Sato..
Toshiba Labels

Toshiba-Labels: Indian Barcode Corporation offers all type of..
Printronix Labels

Printronix-Labels: Indian Barcode Corporation offers all type of..
Argox Labels

Printronix-Labels: Indian Barcode Corporation offers all type of..
Avery Dennison Labels

Avery-Dennison-Labels: Brand owners recognize packaging design is..
Avery Chromo Labels

Avery-Chromo-Labels: Brand owners recognize packaging design is a..
Avery Fasson Labels

Avery-Fasson-Labels: Brand owners recognize packaging design is a..
Barcode Sticker

Barcode-Sticker: If your organization uses barcodes to identify..
Die Cut Stickers

Die cut stickers Indian Barcode Corporation die-cut stickers in..

Name labels Indian Barcode Corporation durable range of name..
Kids Name Labels

kids-name-labels kids name labels Personalised School Gear make..

Bright Silver Polyester Facestock offers thermal stability and..

Durable high performance material offers thermal stability and..
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